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We stock a very comprehensive range of insignia, from WW1 to the war in Afghanistan, specializing in both Allied and German, to commemorate the Normandy Campaign and subsequent liberation of Europe.
All our insignia is of the highest quality and reproduced from original items. With over 35 years collecting and research in insignia and badges, our attention to detail and knowledge base is second to none.

We are an established UK based company and throughout the summers from 1st April – 30th September we have a retail shop in Ste Mere Eglise. “Butler’s” So if you are visiting Normandy, please come and see us. In the shop and on the website there is an extensive range of original items, including uniforms, helmets, personal items and insignia.
Our stock is purchased worldwide by collectors, re-enactors, museums, film companies and also those who perhaps want to buy a memento of a relative’s wartime unit, such as a regimental shoulder flash or cap badge.
Whatever your interest, please browse our catalogue and either buy Online (if you are a PayPal customer its so very easy) or by post, phone. Remember – we post Worldwide!
We very much hope you will find just what you are looking for here – if not, please let us know!

Andrew Butler
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